Important Relationship Advice For Women

How do you quickly know what a man has in mind and avoid getting bogged down in a dead end story? Literature, poetry and psychoanalysis have never ceased to wonder about female desire, held to be the greatest enigma in the universe. As if the male psyche was transparent!

What Goes On In The Mind Of A Man Who Meets A Woman?

Whenever he spots a “special person”, every man instantly becomes nervous and his heart rate quickens. Anguished, he hesitates: “I’m going, I’m not going? If I go, she’ll push me away and I’ll be ridiculous… Is it a wedding ring on her finger? Is she alone in life?” He has always been taught that it was up to man to take the first step in education. The “catch” is that men are as much – if not more – prone than women to the fear of being refused: “Even if a man is sure of himself, superbly handsome, or if he succeeds in life, the fear of being rejected wins. His past conquests are of no use to him, as long as he still does not know what you are going to say, do or think “, affirm our authors. So, a man can stare at a woman for a whole evening without making up his mind to approach her. To the point of making her think that she was mistaken about the meaning of this look …

Another terrifying element for a man, even “when one glances at him to make a saint blush”: the horde of girlfriends or “the friend-cerberus”.

A tip: get rid of these troublesome as soon as possible if you want to get to know each other.

How to Increase The Chances Of Seeing Him Again?

Spontaneity, a touch of seduction, a touch of humor and a lot of kindness, recommends the book. Do not occupy the front of the scene: he must believe that the star is him! Send physical signals: looks, smiles, etc. Don’t hesitate to be explicit: “I’m glad we met, we should go see this movie together that you told me about.” If he doesn’t ask for your phone after a hint or two like this. , forget it: you do not interest him!

Why Is He So Long In Calling?

After getting a woman’s phone number, a man doesn’t happily fantasize about the next date. His only concern is, “If I call him, how am I going to be greeted? Am I going to make a good impression on him?” Fear of rejection again! When a lady pleases a gentleman, it is said that he calls her back two or three days after the first meeting. If he doesn’t contact you immediately, don’t panic: lacking confidence, he may have delayed the call so as not to appear addicted.

Why Did He Never Call Me Back? 

You had a wonderful evening, you flirted and decided to see you again soon, yet he doesn’t call back …

  1. Perhaps you told him too much about your ex: wanting too much to prove your availability or your need for a consoling shoulder, he thought he had an impossible rival. “A man sees himself as initiator and motor of the relationship”; if he doesn’t feel like he’s in control, he may decide to leave it there.
  2. Perhaps he never intended to: he just wanted to test his power of seduction on you.
  3. Perhaps, already in another relationship, he wanted to treat himself to an evening of freedom …

The dust settles once the relationship begins for men, but for women, they must first overcome the phase of fluctuating emotions brought by the romantic aspect of the setup, and it takes time for them to see and feel the realities of life. a relationship. It happens to most women, and yes, we can take it as normal, although it isn’t always.

However, it is also very important that women are weighted when they are in a relationship . Indeed, when they allow emotions to flourish, they may not be able to cope with the trials of romantic arrangements, which can lead to frequent fights and, eventually, breakups.

Learn To Trust

This happens to most couples, too, so as a woman you need to learn the art of balancing confidence and vigilance. Trust the actions and decisions of your partner, but at the same time know your terrain.

Here Is Some Advice From An Expert:

Being able to balance your confidence would make it easier for you to deal with any issues that arise in your relationship because you know when to fill in your partner’s gaps or how to accept mistakes as you move forward.